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Mister Nylon McCoy Web Site

Mister Nylon McCoy Web Site
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Origins Of Fascism.

Understanding Crimes With The Analysis Of The Pilots.

People That Are Not Driving Their Cars Can Be Persecuted As Foxes For Example Tha Chapter Of The Crimes Inside Of The Public Transports.

Fascist Ideology Centralizes The Figure Of The Pilot And Consents Mostly To Persecute The Pilots. For Example The Killing Of The President Of The USA John Kennedy Could Be Classified An Half Fascist Crime Because The Pilot Remained Alive.

A. Moro Crime.

A. Moro Crime Results To Be a Fascist Crime. In Fact Because Of The Reason That Aldous Moro Was Not Driving That Car He Was Not Killed In Fani Street But He Was Considered As A Fox.

Gen. Dalla Chiesa Crime.

He Had The Courage To Drive That Car And It Is a Classic Fascist Crime Because He Was The Pilot Of That Car.

Meaning Of Fascism.

Fascist Means Public Enemy.

Because Of This Original Meaning Fascists Will Say That The Oppositions Are Public Enemies. The Original Meaning That Fascists Gave To Fascism Is The Alteration of The Public Instruments Because Of The Presence Of The Private Alternative Instruments. So The Citizen Has The Possibility To See This Alteration In Every Public Occasion.

The Chief Or Pilot In The Fascist Ideology.

For Example In My Concept The Great Military Parades Or The 02 Of June In Italy Or The Egyptian Event Of Mubarack Were Classical Expressions Of Fascism. Because Of This Reason, The Alteration Of The Public Affairs, Could Be a Fascist Behaviour That Could Finally Concludes Persecuting Also The Chief Or Pilot.

Here Is CIA N.2 Godfrey Lucescu Menacing Me On September 2009.

CIA LSD Lucescu Sancho Department Of Milan, In Italy, 29.10.2022h21.

CIA Extinction, Department Of The Tomb Arnold Mohr, Monumental Cemetery, In Milan, Italy, 19.03.2023h17.

CIA Jet Set Of Johnny Halliday Hindenburg, Saint Tropez, France, 21.03.2023 Pablo Neruda Street In Saint Tropez, 02.04.2023h12.

CIA Mancini Street, Milan, Italy, 07.05.2023h24.

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Bulldog Champions Auto Focus Canistan.

My Name Is Saint Tropez, My Suggestion Is ... You Are No One Or Maybe Condamned For Something ... I Put You Up, I Let You Go In The History, Just Have To Do All The Crimes I Tell You, Then When You Will Die I Will Continue Alone ...

Fascism The Empty Movement.

Who Is Benito Mussolini.

For Some Reason ... To Go In The Books Of History With Camuflage ... Selling Italy To France With The Mathematic System.

The Fascist Crime Is Done By Mussolini And Saint Tropez ... Then Mussolini Dies ..., But Don' t Die Saint Tropez This Is The Strategy ...

Mussolini Had Just The Duty To Full Each Italian Of Fascist Crimes. For Example Mussolini Was Paid To Do 20 Milions Of Victims In Every Matter But Always Under The Fascist Flag ... Then, When The Mussolini Period Arrives To End, Saint Tropez Can Says That He Has 20 Milions Of Italians Covered With Their Fascist Crimes And Persecute Them, Their Sons And Their Grandson as They Are Doing.

Mussolini Was Not Supported In The Countries.

The Promoters Of Fascism Are Talking About Exclusions And Exclusivity, About Places To Empty Because There Are Too Much Persons And So They Are Talking About The Centre Of The Town. Because Of This Reason The Followers Of Mussolini Were Living In Crowded Places Such As Milan Or Saint Tropez And Not In The Country. So In The South Of Italy, I Think, He Had Some Supporter Just In Naple, Palerm And Bar.

Fascism Developed In Milan And Was Popular Mostly In The North Of Italy, After With The Universal Camuflage 1945 They Started To Show That Mussolini Is Popular Mostly In The South Of Italy.

Author Mike Romanov, 24 May 2023

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